Horsethief is committed to delivering the finest poems we can rope and wrangle, annually in hardcover books and on a monthly basis in our digital magazine. If you enjoy the content we publish, we hope you'll consider supporting the cause by either making a purchase or a donation.

Support Horsethief

We want to make the poems we champion available to the widest possible audience, and to us that means in part publishing here, on the web, without a paywall, without a mandatory account, and in a format that's designed to be legible and accessible cross-platform—think smartphones, tablets, PCs, et cetera. It also means, because we want to pick our poems from the very best poem-pool available, keeping submissions 100% free to writers.

Keeping Horsethief as open as we want it to be, however, poses a problem. Producing this magazine costs us and will continue to cost us. It costs us in time, of course. It costs us, too, in software and web-hosting fees—and it adds up. Plus, (call us crazy) we believe our authors deserve some form of compensation, maybe not a new pony, maybe not those new suede chaps they've been eyeing, but something. 

If you like the noises we're making, please consider making a pledge. Ask yourself—would you buy us an egg cream every month to keep the Horsethief thieving? How about an egg salad sandwich and an egg cream? What if I promised to let a poet take a bite out of said sandwich? What about two poets? See where we're headed? 

If you don't feel like you can contribute, we won't take it personally. Read when the reading looks good, and share what you like. And, of course, consider buying a book or t-shirt for yourself and someone you love (or don't love). 

And either way, see you out there in the hollows. 

—The Thieves.